Crochet potted cactus

cactus-classI just finished my sample piece for next month’s crochet class at Michaels.  I think it turned out really cute.  It is a little stuffed crochet cactus in a clay pot.

The class directions called for cotton yarn, but I had some regular green yarn that I thought was a perfect color that I used instead since I plan to keep this for myself rather than have to turn it back over for the classroom.  Pretty simple pattern really, only uses single crochet and slip stitch, and took maybe 3 hours total to do.

PS:  Today is the start of the “Lowest Price of the Season” sale here in Canada and there are some really good deals on right now so check it out.


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Gingerbread Christmas Village

ginger-villageWe had quite a few different gingerbread kits at work this year, and I opted to buy the Wilton Gingerbread Mini Village one to do for Christmas.  It came with all the pieces, icing, fondant, and candies.  You had to build the houses, let them set for 3 hours, then decorate.  I think it turned out pretty cute, but it was a very time consuming process to build and decorate.  I have more green fondant left so may add some bushes to the front of a couple, but mostly it is done.

Merry Christmas!

I decided to add Christmas trees to my village.  Enjoy!ginger-village2

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Birthday Cake!

bday-cakeTomorrow we are celebrating three birthdays in the family: my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law, so I decided to make them a decorated cake.  The cake is chocolate and there is strawberry between the two layers.  The icing is buttercream.  This is the first cake I have made since I took the cake decorating class in July and I think it turned out pretty good.  It may be a tad pink considering 2 of the people are guys, but the red coloring just didn’t look really red (more of a mutant fluorescent orange pink) so I went with pink instead to match the strawberry filling.

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Galaxy Pumpkin

Although I think it should be called a constellation pumpkin, Michaels calls it a galaxy pumpkin.  Anyway, a photo of it was featured in one of the many emails this week and I loved the way it looked so decided to try and make one myself. The link for the (rather sketchy) instructions is here.

The craft pumpkins were on sale and the had a smaller and different style one I liked better than the one they called for in the instructions which already had a nice stem so I could skip the bit where you made a stem from foil and paper clay.  The paint for the “sky” was also on sale so the cost was under $15 with my employee discount. I really like the way it turned out. 

For reference, here is the way the one in the project instructions looks.  We didn’t have copper paint pens so I went with gold instead.  I was also a bit more accurate with the sky map and much of it is in the right position, although not all of it since it is a pumpkin and not the sky. 🙂

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Free class at Michaels on Sept. 26

I kind of got stuck with this one because nobody else in tembroidery1he store knows embroidery.  They do a free class each week which is designed by corporate so they have to have it even if nobody signs up.  This is  a small piece that goes in a 3.5×5 inch frame.  The template was for “Amour” but I drew another with “Love” and a heart to use instead using the same stitches.  I will do the Amour one during the class as a demo if nobody signs up.  It isn’t bad, which is unusual for one of these projects.  If anyone is interest, drop by your local Michaels store and sign up.

Also, they are now hiring for seasonal people at Michaels.  You don’t get that many hours, usually 12-16 per week, but you do get 30% off your purchases which includes sale items.  Not bad if you are going to buy stuff there anyway.

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Excellent bargains!

jeansJones New York is leaving Canada and all their stores are in liquidation.  I hadn’t bothered going until today when I was going to another store nearby and saw the 80-90% off and last 6 days sign.   The store was almost empty but amazingly much of the stuff that was left was my size!  It was very odd that most of the stuff left was either size 2 or size 22, but I wasn’t complaining since I wear a 22.  The didn’t have much for shirts, but had a ton of jeans, some pants, cardigans, and some dresses.  So I got a haul of 9 items for a total of $70!  Two cardigans, a black dress, two pairs of pants, and four pairs of jeans.  Score!

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Come crochet with me

IMG_20160819_194652_editOur previous crochet instructor left and I am now the crochet instructor for the Michaels store where I work. My first class got cancelled because nobody had signed up for it, so now take two.  This class will go whether anyone signs up or not since it is a free class scheduled by the home office.  Even though it isn’t crochet, I got assigned it since it is a “yarn class”.  The project is to make a pillow out of a tote bag with painted accents and yarn stitching and tassels.  It isn’t a bad looking pillow, but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay for all the supplies to make it.   It took about 3 hours to make, with most of the time spent laying out the template with masking tape and painting the silver lines.  If nobody comes to make it, I will spend the 2 hours sitting and working on a project of my own and helping anyone who has questions.


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