Excellent bargains!

jeansJones New York is leaving Canada and all their stores are in liquidation.  I hadn’t bothered going until today when I was going to another store nearby and saw the 80-90% off and last 6 days sign.   The store was almost empty but amazingly much of the stuff that was left was my size!  It was very odd that most of the stuff left was either size 2 or size 22, but I wasn’t complaining since I wear a 22.  The didn’t have much for shirts, but had a ton of jeans, some pants, cardigans, and some dresses.  So I got a haul of 9 items for a total of $70!  Two cardigans, a black dress, two pairs of pants, and four pairs of jeans.  Score!

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Come crochet with me

IMG_20160819_194652_editOur previous crochet instructor left and I am now the crochet instructor for the Michaels store where I work. My first class got cancelled because nobody had signed up for it, so now take two.  This class will go whether anyone signs up or not since it is a free class scheduled by the home office.  Even though it isn’t crochet, I got assigned it since it is a “yarn class”.  The project is to make a pillow out of a tote bag with painted accents and yarn stitching and tassels.  It isn’t a bad looking pillow, but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay for all the supplies to make it.   It took about 3 hours to make, with most of the time spent laying out the template with masking tape and painting the silver lines.  If nobody comes to make it, I will spend the 2 hours sitting and working on a project of my own and helping anyone who has questions.


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Final decorated cake for Wilton class

cake-final2Here is my final decorated cake for the Wilton Course 1 (Building Buttercream Skills) which I just finished tonight.  This one is chocolate with raspberry filling made with berries from the bushes in my back yard.  The 15 is for our 15th anniversary which is coming up on August 11.

Tonight we learned how to make the roses that are on the cake and how to write with icing.

Below is  a photo of the cake after cutting.  The raspberry filling has very little sugar so it stayed tart, a bit of cornstarch to thicken it, and I strained it to remove all the seeds.cake-final3


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Duran Duran


Duran Duran was at Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto tonight and they put on a wonderful show.  They did a few new songs from Paper Gods plus a lot of their big hits starting with Wild Boys and Hungry Like the Wolf, and finishing off with Rio.  They still have it and I recommend this show to anyone who is a fan.  Combined with Chic and Nile Rodgers (who wrote songs for Duran Duran and came out to play with them for Notorious) it was a really enjoyable evening. Below are some better photos from my camera instead of the phone.

duran2Here is a list of the songs from the show in order:  Paper Gods, Wild Boys, Hungry Like the Wolf, A View To A Kill, Come Undone, Last Night In The City, What Are The Chances, Notorious, Pressure Off, Planet Earth / Space Oddity, Ordinary World, I Don’t Want Your Love, White Lines, Sunrise / New Moon On Monday, The Reflex, Girls on Film, Save A Prayer, Rio





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Opening act Chic

They put on and excellent show doing their big hits like Le Freak and Good Times, but also a ton of songs he wrote for others that went to #1 or were big hits like “I’m Coming Out” and “We Are Family” and “Let’s Dance” that he wrote with David Bowie. Very enjoyable and high energy set.

chic1Here are a couple of better shots from my camera.  The second one was during “Good Times” when they brought a bunch of audience members on stage for a disco party.


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Duran Duran concert tonight

I am in my seat and waiting for the concert to start at 7pm. It will be Duran Duran with Chic opening. I got a really nice seat and can’t wait!


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Wilton Cake Decorating Class

first-cakeAfter watching people take them at Michaels for 3 years now, I finally decided to take the plunge and do Wilton Course 1 – Building Buttercream Skills.  Today was our second class and we torted (cut into two layers) and filled an 8 inch cake then iced it.  Although you can’t see it, there is home made strawberry filling between the layers, and yes I made the cake from scratch.  I haven’t cut it yet, but hopefully it will be good. 🙂

The class is fun and I am learning a lot of basic decorating skills.  I had never tried decorating with tips and piping bags and such before, so it is all new to me.  Employees get to take the classes for free but you still have to buy the kit, book, and all the various supplies.  I would guess before I get finished it will be close to $200 for all the stuff you have but buy, including all the icing and cakes/cupcakes you have to make. That is really the goal of the classes, to get you to buy more stuff in the store and it really shows here.

Interesting fact:  There is no butter in buttercream icing that you use for decorating.  It is made with shortening (special high ratio shortening is preferred) so it stays snowy white and won’t melt as badly in hot cake-slicedrooms.

Update:  Here is the cake after slicing.  Tasted good and the tart strawberry (I didn’t add any sugar to it) helps offset the super sweet icing.

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