Baby Hat and Socks

babyhatTo go with the blanket in the previous post, I made a hat using Caron Cupcakes yarn (Sour Grapes color) which comes with a pom-pom for the top.  With the leftover yarn, I made a pair of socks to match.  Again, my husband picked the color to go with the yarn for the blanket.  I used the pattern on the label to make it (you can find it here) and although it says it makes a hat for a 2-10 year old, measure the head of the child to make sure it will fit as the first one I made using the 2-year-old size was too small for my 1-year-old nephew and I had to rip it out and make it larger.   I took a bit of artistic license with the pattern and after it got to the rows all the same length, I added in a couple of rows of front post double crochet cables.  When it came to the 5 rows of single crochet for the  band at the bottom, I did those in alternating front and back loop sc to give it a bit of

With the leftover yarn from the hat, I made a cute pair of socks using this pattern, but since it was thicker yarn than the pattern called for and for an older baby, I used a G hook and they turned out just the right size for a 1-year-old.


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Experiment in yarn pooling

pooling-blanket-wpAfter seeing photos and a few videos about yarn pooling, I decided to give it a try.  My first attempt is this baby blanket done in Craft Smart Value Yarn in the color “Giverney”.  This was a gift for a baby’s first birthday and the yarn was chosen by my husband since it was for his cousin.  The yarn is a variegated yarn with the colors lavender (lv), purple (pu), royal blue (rb), dark blue (db), turquoise (tu) and yellow (ye), which flow back and forth in a kind of spectrum look (it ran rb-db-pu-db-rb-lv-ye-tu-ye-lv then started over again) but in a very short length for each color (just over one double crochet per color).

Since most pooling instructions tell you to use a yarn with a longer length for each color, I had to wing it a bit.  I started with a long chain which I made the width I wanted the blanket and made sure to end it on the last color of a spectrum (rb in this case) so my first double crochet was the start of a color.  I worked it in granny stitch (clusters of 3 double crochets skipping 2 stitches between on the chain, then the rest of the rows the cluster goes in the space between clusters on the previous row).  Once I had a couple of rows done, I made sure the colors in the current row roughly matched the ones 2 rows previous (the last cluster directly below it) adjusting tension as needed so they stayed lined up.  This way the colors wound up in vertical stripes even though I worked the stitches in horizontal rows.  After I finished, I gave it a border all the way around in double crochet to give it a smooth edge.  I think it turned out looking rather interesting.

I am working on another yarn pooling throw now that has a longer length for each color and is working out into a kind of plaid or argyle pattern as I go.  I will post a photo when I finish it.


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Finished crochet cable throw

I couldn’t leave it be and powered through to finish it tonight.  It turned out really nice too.  I know I messed up the center braid in one place, but it doesn’t stand out too bad and since it is for me I can live with it. 🙂 Once you got in the rhythm the cables weren’t too horribly difficult and it kept you from getting bored because you were constantly changing back and forth. 

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Work in Progress: Cabled blanket

cablesI saw this pattern online and just had to try it.  This is my first try at crochet cables and I am liking it.  I may have messed up the center braid a bit but I don’t feel like backing up that far to redo it.  The pattern I am using is Sewrella’s Crochet Heirloom Cabled Throw, but instead of Lion Brand Thick and Quick I am using Bernat Roving and an 8mm hook so I added an extra double crochet between cables (3 instead of 2) to help make up for the size difference.  The center braid is the most confusing part but I think I am getting the hang of hit now.  Trying to read the pattern may make your brain melt, so I recommend watching and crocheting along with the video instead.

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Which type of crochet hook do you prefer?

Whether you like aluminum, bamboo, or just plain old plastic crochet hooks, you still have to pick a style of hook.  The two main ones are the in-line Susan Bates type hooks and the Boye type hooks with the nipped in neck.  Most people have a strong preference and detest the other type.  My preference is the Susan Bates type which also has a slightly more pointed end and a rounder curve to the end of the hook.  I feel they slip through the yarn a bit easier and they are always the ones I recommend to beginners.  I can use the Boye type hooks with no problem but when I have a choice I will choose the Susan Bates ones.  Which type hook is your favorite?


Susan Bates hooks on the left and Boye hooks on the right

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Giant granny square throw

berhome1I just tried a new yarn we have at Michaels that changes texture called Bernat Home Mix.  The color mixes are nice and the chunky yarn has 4 different textures: a regular yarn, a fuzzy yarn, a t-shirt like yarn, and a strange rippled one that reminds me of fleece when it is worked up.  Only the last one is difficult to work with, but if you are patient you can get through it.

berhome2Normally, I gravitate to blues but I wanted to get something a bit different so went for “Twilight Purple”.  I loved the colors, and it had a hint of blue. 🙂  I decided to make the large granny square throw from this pattern, which is actually for the Joanne version of this yarn which has different textures.  Michaels has a similar pattern here.  I added extra rows to two sides to make it a rectangle instead of a square.  The rows I added alternated 3 double crochets and a chain in the first and 3 double crochets in the chain space and one in the center of the group of 3 in the previous row.  I finished it off with a row of double crochet on each end and single crochets down each side.   I isn’t a large throw, just a small one for your lap.  This took 3 and a half skeins to finish so I may make a hat with the leftovers.


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Crochet Pumpkin

pumpkinTonight is an ultra lame free yarn class at Michaels, winding yarn into a ball to make a pumpkin with a pipe cleaner stem.  The only reason to come is because the first 10 people get a free skein of Caron Cupcake yarn.  I am almost embarrassed to have to teach it.  Because of this, I wanted to make a pumpkin that actually takes some skill, so I took some left over yarn I had on hand and came up with this one.  It is about 6 inches or so across and I think it turned out fairly cute.

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

For body, use Bernat Softee Chunky or another size 6 yarn with an 8mm crochet hook for the body.  I used the color Pumpkin.
For stem, use Loops and Threads Impeccable or another worsted weight (size 4) yarn with a size H (4mm) crochet hook for the stem. I used the color Deep Forest.

sc = single crochet
sct = single crochet together

Chain 15

Row 1: sc in second stitch from hook and the rest of the chain (14 stitches). Chain 1 and turn.
Row 2: sc in each stitch (14) chain 1 and turn
Row 3: sc in back loops only in each stitch (14) chain 1 and turn.
Row 4: sc in each stitch (14) chain 1 and turn.
Rows 5-34: repeat rows 3 and 4 but skip the chain 1 after last stitch of row 34.

Slip stitch row 34 to the initial chain (make sure the back loops are on the outside) to make a tube and tie off. Put a length of yarn on a yarn needle and thread thru the end loop of every other row, there is an obvious loop on the end of the back loop rows you want to use. Draw the yarn tight to close the opening, tie it shut, and turn it inside out so the seam between the sides of the tube are inside. Hide the ends of the yarn holding the opening shut inside and stuff the body. When body is stuffed to your satisfaction, repeat sewing the end shut for the open end, draw shut, tie off, and pull the ends inside with your crochet hook.

Stem is worked in the round so no chains or turns between rows. You may want to mark the end of a row with a stich marker to keep your place.
Row 1: Use a magic circle and put 8 sc in it
Row 2: 2 sc in each stitch (16)
Row 3: 1 sc in each stitch back loops only (16)
Row 4: 1 sc in each stitch (16)
Row 5: 3 sc then sct next 2 stitches to end of row
Row 6: 2 sc then sct next 2 stitches to end of row
Row 7: sc in each stitch and tie off with a long tail for sewing to body.

Stuff the stem and sew it to the end you want to be the top of your pumpkin using the tail left behind.

Take a long string of thicker yarn and thread it from the bottom hole through the top under the stem and back down to the bottom hole, draw it tight until pumpkin has an indentation in top and bottom to your satisfaction and tie off the yarn. Hide the ends inside the pumpkin, pulling them through with your crochet hook.


For those interested, here are the pumpkins made for the class.

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