Free class at Michaels on Sept. 26

I kind of got stuck with this one because nobody else in tembroidery1he store knows embroidery.  They do a free class each week which is designed by corporate so they have to have it even if nobody signs up.  This is  a small piece that goes in a 3.5×5 inch frame.  The template was for “Amour” but I drew another with “Love” and a heart to use instead using the same stitches.  I will do the Amour one during the class as a demo if nobody signs up.  It isn’t bad, which is unusual for one of these projects.  If anyone is interest, drop by your local Michaels store and sign up.

Also, they are now hiring for seasonal people at Michaels.  You don’t get that many hours, usually 12-16 per week, but you do get 30% off your purchases which includes sale items.  Not bad if you are going to buy stuff there anyway.


About sysclp

I do a lot of different things. I am a horse racing photographer, I make jewelry, and I crochet. Here I will mostly concentrate on crochet. I live in Ontario, Canada, now but I am from the deep South and lived in Alabama before I moved here.
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