Back from the dead

Grand opening of my local store 2 years ago

Grand opening of my local store in 2013

Well, not really but I have been away for a very long time.  There weren’t many yarn sales during the summer so I was never inspired to post about the 1 or none each week that was on sale, but now that we are heading into fall the sales are starting up again.

It is also time for hiring seasonal staff at Michaels, so I wanted to post a note for those who might be interested in it.  Just go to then do down towards the bottom and click on “Careers”.  You do the application on line, which will include adding your work experience and taking a couple of tests.  It never hurts to put any crafts you do in there as they like to hire people who know about and use the stuff in their stores.  Everyone is part time and most people only get 8-12 hours a week, although you might get more closer to Christmas, so it doesn’t take up much of your time.  The good part is you get a 30% employee discount on everything, including books and sale items.  I always wait until the stuff I want is on sale before I buy to maximize my discount. 🙂

I have worked for my local store for 2 years now and while it can get hectic sometimes, mostly it isn’t too bad and you get to see what kind of projects other people are working on.  Of course, the best part is the discount on stuff I would have bought anyway.

PS:  In case you wondered, starting pay is probably minimum wage.

About sysclp

I do a lot of different things. I am a horse racing photographer, I make jewelry, and I crochet. Here I will mostly concentrate on crochet. I live in Ontario, Canada, now but I am from the deep South and lived in Alabama before I moved here.
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