Barbie crochet couture part 2

pink-barbie1Here is my second Barbie crochet thread dress.  This one uses a pale pink and gold lurex thread and was my attempt to make a cocktail type fancy dress since it had the sparkly gold already.  It is all one piece and again no pattern, just trying it on and making it up as I go along.  Mostly double crochet with a bit of crossed double crochet for accent at the top, waist, and bottom of the skirt.  The beads (gold to match the thread) are crocheted into the dress and it closes with 2 small snaps.  The necklace is also crochet with beads.


These will probably wind up on my Etsy store once I can decide what to charge for them.


About sysclp

I do a lot of different things. I am a horse racing photographer, I make jewelry, and I crochet. Here I will mostly concentrate on crochet. I live in Ontario, Canada, now but I am from the deep South and lived in Alabama before I moved here.
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5 Responses to Barbie crochet couture part 2

  1. That is just too cute! Those colors work very well together and look great on that doll.


    • sysclp says:

      Thanks! That one is Kid Doctor Barbie. The painted on blue bikini on Midge showed too much in a strapless so I got this one as a second “model” since she has no annoying paint to show.

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      • I can understand that. She is a beautiful doll, but that bikini would make dressing her hard.


      • sysclp says:

        Yeah. I didn’t realize it was there until I got her home since she was dressed in jeans and a turtleneck. The thrift store seals them in plastic bags so you can’t examine them very well until you buy them.

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      • We have a store that does that. I bought a Merida doll and it wasn’t until I got home that I realized one of her eyebrows was smudged because the hair was in her face while she was in the bag. It can be frustrating.


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