Bernat Blanket Yarn


Bernat Blanket yarn gloves

Bernat Blanket yarn is so soft, fluffy, and cuddly!  I made a blanket with it first and it took 6 skeins to get a twin size.  I love the feel of it, I decided to get a skein to experiment with.  I managed to get two hats (one with cuff and one without) and a pair of fingerless gloves.  I really like the way they turned out too, nice and thick and warm.

This particular color is Sonoma which kind of reminds me of desert camo when it is worked up.

Bernat Blanket yarn hat with cuff

Bernat Blanket yarn hat with cuff

The hat pattern can be found online here. The gloves I just improvised making a chain big enough for my hands and connecting the ends, then rows of double and single crochet leaving a loop open for my thumb.  Because the yarn is so bulky, it only takes about an hour to make a hat and the gloves I did in a couple of hours.


About sysclp

I do a lot of different things. I am a horse racing photographer, I make jewelry, and I crochet. Here I will mostly concentrate on crochet. I live in Ontario, Canada, now but I am from the deep South and lived in Alabama before I moved here.
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